KSI, a YouTube boxer and rapper, has yet to lose in three boxing contests, but a fan beat him in a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ and the YouTuber paid for his college costs.

After agreeing to a hefty money bet over a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI has paid off a fan’s £18,000 university expenses.

During a recent event when he was filming with friends from his YouTube crew, the social media star met long-time follower Jordan Macmillan.

He approached the 28-year-old, who has amassed a multi-million pound wealth thanks to his YouTube videos, rap career, and three high-profile boxing bouts.

KSI, who is preparing for his boxing comeback on August 27, accepted to a £9,000 bet on a year’s worth of university fees for the student.

However, after winning the game, Macmillan was left in tears when he received a bank transfer from the YouTuber for the remainder of his two-year college term.

“I was absolutely shocked, I couldn’t believe it,” Macmillan told The Sun after the video of their bet went viral on Twitter. “He’s such a nice guy so I had no doubt he’d send it but I was so shocked he sent it that quickly.”

“It still hasn’t settled in yet. I’m not sure it ever will. I sent him a message after to thank him trying to keep my cool but I couldn’t. I then phoned my family, tears everywhere. I still can’t believe it, I’ll probably invite him to my graduation.”

The incident was the latest in a long line of charity efforts by the billionaire artist throughout his YouTube and fighting careers.

On a recent edition of his podcast The Fellas, YouTuber Josh Larkin revealed how KSI, whose true name is JJ Olatunji, once paid him rent as a joke during a Twitch stream.

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